Rowing boat Mirelle II

An excellent choice for the most demanding amateur of aquatic recreation. The boat is designed for lakes with a silence zone; the stern container is ideal for placement of the battery.

Product description


Two-layer boat made of glass-reinforced polyester (polyester resin, glass mat, and woven fabric). The layers are bonded together at the periphery and the bottom surface. On the sides, bow, and stern, between the layers, there are some air chambers, making the boat unsinkable. Flat bottom construction gives great stability on the water at these dimensions of the boat.


Comfort and payload

Standard equipment: One closed container at the stern, bow and aft mooring leads, small and large cleats for anchor ropes. Possibility to mount additional sealed containers in the middle and bow area and slots for rods, fish nets, etc.. All fittings made of stainless steel, side edge finished with a PVC profile. Varnished wooden oars with stainless steel oarlocks. The boat is available in all colors according to the RAL color table.



  • Lenght 4,15 m
  • Width 1,55m
  • Crew: 5 people
  • Weight (approx.) 80 kg


Boat: 1630 euro , oars: 70 euro (net prices).