Rowing Boat Mirelle III

Mirelle III” is the largest boat presented by our company. It is designed for up to 6 people. This boat is very stable, so it is ideal for fishing, as well as family trips. As we always put safety first, the surface of the deck is covered with a special coating to prevent slippage.

Product characteristics


The use of GRP, two-layer construction, and buoyancy chambers make the boat unsinkable. It has a pronounced keel, thus achieving better handling, also allowing floating over large shallows.


Features and appearance

“Mirelle III”, made on the model of a traditional wooden fishing boat, is our response to the needs of anglers. It is adapted for mounting the motor. We made it with unusual respect for aesthetics and used durable and certain components. It can be obtained with additional equipment on special request. Available in all colors of the RAL table.

Info & pricing


  • Lenght: 4,7m

  • Width: 1,4m

  • Weight (approx.): 100kg


Boat: 1880 euro , oars: 70 euro (net prices).