One-person kayak Voyager

The perfect way to rest on the water! Light, safe and well-equipped kayak suitable for almost all conditions. Possibility to personalize. The unique shape of the bottom and deck structure derived from the traditional Inuit kayak. This kayak was designed by Peter Kottlorz, an experienced kayaker and traveler, who sailed around the Scandinavia.

Product characteristics

There are two closed containers: on the bow – 70-85 l. depending on the position of the bulkhead, (according to the client’s wishes), and on the stern – approx. 90 l. 

The bow and stern are elongated in shape. In the cockpit, there are an adjustable kayaker’s seat and a footrest.

The kayak is well-maintained on course, even with an oblique wave and wind, while sustaining excellent maneuverability. Therefore, according to opinions of experts, it is not necessary to use a steering rudder in this model. Nevertheless, at the request of the recipient, the kayak is provided an adjustable rudder assembly of stainless steel and aluminum, profiled laminate fin, and a footrest. 

The professionally contoured full seat can be completed with the kayaker’s protective waterproof cover. Along the side edges, there is a safety rope routed through stainless steel eyes. On board, at the front and rear of the cockpit, are mounted elastic nets for extra luggage (sleeping bag, mattress, etc.).

All colors according to the RAL table are possible.


Prices and equipment:

Polyester-glass version: 1350 euro 

Kevlar-carbon version: 2200 euro

Wooden paddle: 60 euro 

Carbon Paddle: 250 euro 

Rudder: 250 euro 

Kayaker’s waterproof cover: 50 euro

All net prices.