Ice sailing is great fun providing extreme impressions: an Ice-Optimist reaches speeds up to 100 km / h on the surface of clear ice, while being extremely durable and safe.


For whom?

This ice-boat is designed for children and young people up to 16 years old for training, competitive races and tourism. This is a perfect opportunity to continue water sailing training in winter time on the ice! Quick decisions resulting from the high speed of the ice-boat and the need to feel the wind significantly increase the helmsman’s abilities. A clear improvement can be seen as early as next summer!


The Ice-Optimist mast, boom and sail are identical as in the water Optimists. No need to buy these items a second time if you already have a water Optimist!


Construction characteristics

The ice-boat is made in accordance with international regulations of the Ice-Optimist class. It is built of wood and GRP which guarantee construction reliability, high security of the helmsman and lasting, elegant finish. In case of a collision, the ice-boat remains extremely safe. It features a durable, reinforced side, covered with laminate. Even with side impact, it protects the sailor’s body – the side construction takes all the force of impact to protect the helmsman.

Designed to win

Sailors of different countries have won medals repeatedly in European and World Championships in Ice-Optimist class on MACUR ice-boats!!!

Without barriers

The ice-boat can be used even by sailors with severe dysfunction of the lower extremities.


Prices and equipment

Complete: 3700 euro
Package without mast and sail: 2680 euro
Hull with fittings: 1400 euro
Hull without fittings: 800 euro
Runner plank without fittings: 300 euro
Runner plank with fittings: 680 euro
Mast with boom: 330 euro
Fittings to the mast of water optimist (the heel of the mast and mast top fittings): 90 euro
A set of wires with adjustments: 280 euro
1D sail with battens (color): 380 euro
1D sail with battens (white): 330 euro
Set of 3 pieces of 4mm stainless steel runners: 650 euro
Hull cover: 90 euro
Sail and boom cover: 45 euro
Runner plank cover: 60 euro
Runners cover: 60 euro
All net prices.