Fjordling 17 Motorboat

The Fjordling 17 motorboat was designed by a renowned Norwegian designer Jan Herman Linge (constructor of many boats e.g. the Olympic Soling class). This motorboat is very popular in Scandinavia – only in the Stockholm area there are more than 1,000 copies!


It is one of the first boats in the shape of deep V bottom giving excellent handling at high speeds, even at high tide. The open aft water tunnel located on the lower part of the V-shaped bottom is the original Linge’s patent. At a stop and at low speeds it is filled with water (approx. 200 l) which provides high stability. At speeds above 10 knots (18.5 km / h) the aft tunnel water, with centrifugal force, automatically leaves the tunnel and about 200 kg lighter boat glides with ease.

The MACUR company produces Fjordling 17 boats in cooperation with Dyvik Marina near Stockholm, Sweden.


Comfort and safety

Behind the front deck, a semi-open cabin with large windows and mahogany finish profile is mounted. Placed in the cabin, the front seat when unfolded creates a comfortable place to sleep for two people. In the central part of the cockpit, next to the passenger seat, there are the helmsman chair, steering wheel, and gauge panel. 

In the aft section, there is a comfortable sofa for three other people – for a total of 7 seats. Raising the rear seat bench allows broad access to a stern locker containing the fuel tank (approx. 70 liters) with an external filler, battery, bilge pump, and shelves for additional and replacement equipment. 

Electrical installation gives onboard, bow, and stern sidelights, cabin lighting, and sockets for other devices such as a vacuum cleaner, headlight, horn, windshield wipers, etc. Mahogany furnishing of the cockpit sides creates roomy shelves for personal belongings.

Fjordling 17 is equipped with board stainless steel hardware: halfleads, cleats, and additionally – an aft ladder with a handle and a bow pulpit. Designed on rack and easy-to-open tent enables navigation also in the rain, and closes the cabin at waiting time.

Technical data and price


  • Lenght: 5,20m (17 ft)
  • Width: 2,12m
  • Weight (approx.): 430kg

Net price

Fiberglass hull 10600 euro.
Ready to use motorboat with standard equipment: 23 800 euro.