DN Class Ice-Boat

Author’s design developed by the business owner – Stan Macur, a multiple medalist of the world and European championships in this class.

Product characteristics

For whom?

Ideal for people who change Ice-Optimist class for DN class for further training as well as for recreation and tourism.


Wooden structure covered with laminate – the maximum speed reached by the professionals in this ice-boat is 140-150 km / h.



Complete (ready to sail) with standard mast and sail: 4350 euro
DN hull with fittings: 1780 euro
Hull without fittings: 1050 euro
Runner plank with fittings: 960 euro
Runner plank without fittings: 540 euro
Wires with adjustment: 240 euro
Aluminum mast with fittings: 330 euro
Carbon Mast with fittings: 1600 euro
Sail with battens (standard): 350 euro
‘1D’ regatta sail: 1130 euro
Set of regatta battens: 250 euro
Wooden boom with fittings: 190 euro
Plate runners (6 mm stainless steel): 650 euro
Hull cover: 100 euro
Cover for runner plank: 70 euro
Cover for plate runners: 50 euro

All net prices.